sabato 14 febbraio 2009


Thank you so much for being part of our family!!!!!!!


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NESSA the hovawart ha detto...

Dear sweet Paco and Milo,

a very Happy Valentines day to you and your mommy and daddy. Wish you a lot of hugs and bellyrubs...

I hope spring will come soon...then I would like to see you asap!

Love you a lot you sweet guys!!!!!!


Mason Dixie ha detto...

Happy Valentines Day Paco e Milo and family. Love you guys lots. =)

Raising Addie ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Oh this pictures is so very beautiful!!

We hope you get lot of treats and hugs today!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie

Anonimo ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day Friends! Wishing you the best of everything! Love the card!


Samantha: ha detto...

That is such a sweet, kind message from two "sweet" doggies! Hope you receive lots of treats, kisses and rubs (and walkies of course!). Have a great day!

The FOUR Musketeers ha detto...

Nice card there !
Happy Valentine Day :D
We love you dearest !!

PS : Hope Milo get his bithday pressie ASAP :D

Amber-Mae ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stuffed from eating a BIG feast,
Solid Gold Dancer

SGR ha detto...

Woof! Happy Hearts Day ! Love your greeting photos.
Lots of hugs, kisses and woofs ... Love Sugar

caboval ha detto...

We love you too!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Homer ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Stella ha detto...

To the Beautiful Goldens and their family,

Lots of love to all of you for all the time their is!


Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Weeeee, Happy Valentines Day boys! We hope you had a great day with extra cuddles and lots of treats :D
Love the card :o)
Slobbers xx

Thor ha detto...

Happy Valentine´s Day! Love you a lot!


Amber and Nala ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day Paco, Milo, Simona, & Marco!! Hope you get lots of snuggles today!

Lots of Love,
Amber & Nala

Anonimo ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day, Paco and Milo! You're the best!

See ya!

Lorenza ha detto...

I love you too!
Thanks for being my friends!
I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!
Kisses and hugs

Sue ha detto...

We love you too! Happy Valentine's Day! We hope your day was as special as you are!

Hugs and kisses,
Jack, Jill and Kona

Maggie and Mitch ha detto...

Happy Valentine's day, Paco and Milo!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Allison (Dog Mom) ha detto...

Happee Valentines Day, Paco and Milo! We are very glad that you are our friends!

Gus and Waldo