giovedì 5 febbraio 2009


we have played with mom and dad in the garden.....
we have eaten so much snow.....what a good taste!!!!
running like a crazy persons.....
and at the end have also eaten some wood after having made the tug of war!!!!!!

Help me!!!!!!!!!!


OHHHHHHH dad....give us snow!!!!!

Look at me dear friends!!!!! I'm a great jumper....what do you think????????

My better sweet face!!!!!!!

My handsome brother!!!!I love this picture of him!!!

Buddha Milo........


Dug of War!!!!!!!!!

Who wants play with us???????

Lots of love and kisses!!!!!!!!

18 commenti:

Pipa ha detto...

You guys are getting the most incredible photos! Just boootiful! I love all of them, but my favourite is the third one! You two are sooooo handsome! :)

Lot's of love from Pipa

(I'm preparing my other TAG, oki?)

Tucker, Daisy and Leo ha detto...

We want to play with you. Paco, you should enter your jumping photo in the 4 Musketeers sports contest. You are great.

Tucker and Daisy

Josh and Jess ha detto...

Oh wow! Such beautiful photos and you've had so much fun!! Was your Daddy throwing snow balls at you??? We love all your pictures, you guys are so cute.

Love, Josh and Jessie

Mason Dixie ha detto...

You should enter the last pic in the Four Musketeers contest. =)

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo! It looks like you were enjoying the snow - it's always nice to see you having fun!

Your pal,

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Hold on....we'll be there soon!!
Buddha Milo....hahahaha!
Lovely sunny pics :o)
Slobbers xx

Raising Addie ha detto...

WE want to play with you guys!!!

Oh these pictures were so much fun and just beautiful!!

I see that you snow is melting... will you get more soon?

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie & Lucie

Lorenza ha detto...

Hi, Paco and Milo!
Glad you had a nice sunny day!
You two look great in those pictures!
I'd love to be there playing with you!
Kisses and hugs

Samantha: ha detto...

Ohhhh - what WONDERFUL and telling pictures of you guys! I just wish I lived near you (and snow, of course) but so glad you got some sun, because those photos are priceless! You are true bros and seem to have the best time together! How sweet you both are!
Love and Licks from a big fan,

Amber ha detto...

Milo, what a funny Buddha pose! :) I LOVE all of the pictures and am glad you got some sun! WOOHOO! Does it get very warm there in the summer time? It is super hot where I live but sometimes windy too. :)


Thor ha detto...

Dear Paco and Milo!
I wanna play with you! You look so happy playing in your garden! You are so cute, buddies! Your family is lovely! Beautiful pictures in the snow and at the sunshine! Save a little bit of snow and some sticks for me too, ok?! Love you a lot.

happy ha detto...

You guys were having so much fun there! Great pictures!

Achilles Wong ha detto...

Buddha Milo?! that's just too CUTE!!!!

we love seeing you play in the sun... and the picture with the solid ice... wow... do you know that I LOVE to eat ice too?! I think I'm going to love it there! Please take me with you!!!

drooly kisses,


pee-ees.. 3 more days!!!!

Homer ha detto...

Hello boys!

Is it still snowing over at your place? We had snow a few days ago...well, many parts of Europe seem to be having snow.

Nice and booti-ful photos!


PS: Milo, your birthday is coming, how are you going to celebrate? Are you going to get lots of food, treats, fireworks and a birthday cake? Missus has a receipe to make a doggy birthday cake and she can pass it to your mum if she wants it.

Elizabeth Bergesen ha detto...

What a nice break from the snow! Sun is good for your noses, go play!

The FOUR Musketeers ha detto...

Great pictures there guys !

caboval ha detto...

We want to play!!! We love sticks and to share!!! Great pictures! Hugs, Joey and Kealani

Stella ha detto...

I love to see you do your fun things with Paco and Milo. That makes happy, healthy dogs!

We still have lots of snow, a little sun and blue sky today, but ice on the way! Brrrr!

Give hugs to both pups plus