martedì 1 dicembre 2009


Hi dear dear friends!!!!!
After tons of rain.....yesterday it's been a wonderful sunny day......sooooo...mommy and dad taken us walking through a beautiful town named ALBA!!!!
We had a super day with them!!!!!
Come with us...........

This is the big Alba's square......

Here we are with daddy like a tourists......

Walking with dad!!!

Hi dear friends!!!!!

Some photos of the delicious products made in Alba.....
Here are its Grappa....delicious spirits made with grapes....

And TRUFFLES....(Sis and Miche and you remember it???)

And biscuits....cake.....SLUUURRPPPPPP!!!!

We're checking if other dogs are passed here before us.....

Here is our new friend....Luna the beautiful labrador girl.....

And Cherry.....another sweet girl!!!!!!

The wonderful Church......

Waawawaaaaaaaaa.....poor is she dragged by us!!!!!!

Ok mommy....we'll stay motionless for you just a second so dad could take a photo of you with us!!!!

And we met some sweet humans babies......
And We have been very very happy to give them tons of cuddles......

Our humans gave us a delicious Ice Cream.....

could you leave some Ice cream for your bros??????

Maya with one little baby friend.....

And.......At Home........
We didn't believe to our eyes..........

MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYY.....what I'm seeing?????That's Incredible!!!!!!


Mommy.....mommy.....We love you!!!!!!!
Pleaseeeeeeee.....can you give us our PIZZA??????

Gnam gnam gnam.......
Awwwwwwwwwwww.......super delicious!!!!

Go fast mommy......

Our starving glance......

Let's GO!!!!!!!'s my first Pizza!!!!!!
It's sooooooooooooooo yummy!!!!!

Ehy Baby...I told you Pizza is GREAT!!!!!!!
You must believe to your dad!!!!


And after a wonderful walking and delicious Pizza......
It's time for take a sweet nap!!!!
Milo and Maya on their big bed.........

And Paco on his (ehhhmmmmm......mommy's) lounge!!!!
He loves it!!!!!!!

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YD, sometimes with Samantha and June ha detto...

Woof dear friends! Sorry we haven't been here for a while.
Wow pizza! Yummy!!!! We love pizza but mom and dad only give us some crust.
The town of Alba looks very nice. Of course it's nicer to get to meet some friends and kids.

Sam & June

Ludo van Doggy ha detto...

What a great trip out! You lucky guys! Were'nt you ever so polite meeting them childrens. I afraid I not very good like that and is scared of them.
Good that you got the pizza as a reward for being sooo well behaved!!
~lickies, Ludo

Aniemother ha detto...

Ohh.. You guys got your own pizza? We're impressed! Can we have some gelato, please? Hehehe...

Big kisses,

Asta ha detto...

PAco Milo and Maya!

I'm so happy to be back and to see you having youw gowgeous day in Alba..I think you live in the most bootiful countwy on eawf..cities, mountains fields heaven!!! and the thwee of you bootiful dawlings add to the gowgeousness!!!
I missed you I love you and love seeing you eating youw yummie pizza.

Pee ess you awe welcome to join me anytime on any of my twips..I would have loved wunning in the leaves wif you
smoochie kisses

Ginger Jasper ha detto...

What a fabulous fabulous time you had and how beautiful a place that is... Thank you for showing us around... Loved all the pictures... LOve the header and background... JUst beautiful.. LOve GJ xxx

caboval ha detto...

Hi gang! What a lovely town is Alba!!!! Looks like you had a fun day! And we cant believe how big Maya is getting!!!!! Wow!!! And you guys got pizza!!!!!Lucky babies! (Yes I remember truffles sis!) Hugs Joey and Kealani

Ms. ~K ha detto...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us...
You are all beautiful!!!
We love pizza too!
Hugs and Rubs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Benny and Lily ha detto...

Thank you for taking us on your wonderful walk. Mom is jealous. She wants to visit Italy since her grandparents are from Sicily. Wherever that is
Benny & Lily

Samantha ha detto...

Such beautiful pictures of you all in Alba!!! DROOLING over the TRUFFLES!!!! TARTUFO!!!! I was about to comment on this post earlier and my computer crashed - ARgghhhh!!! So it's back and now I can write! Maya is absolutely gorgeous - I love the way she stands! And Paco and Milo seem to just adore her! So great that 3 adorable babies love each other so much! I guess you are feeling much better, Simona??? We hope so! We love you and miss you!
Hugs xo
Sammie, Miche and Bill!

The Army of Four ha detto...

Oh MY! I don't even know where to start! What a wonderful walk! And PIZZA! And ICE CREAM! And oooooh, I love Maya's pink harness!!!
You puppies have the BEST adventures!!! I would love to go walking with you!

The Thundering Herd ha detto...

We were going to say great views of the city and great looking kids, but then you distracted us with pizza and we could not focus any longer.

Tucker, Daisy and Leo ha detto...

Hi guys

What a fun looking day. You have the best adventures. And pizza, and ice cream. We are jealous.

Tucker and Daisy

Elizabeth ha detto...

What a wonderful day!! Thanks for showing us your pictures, they are all great! Love the pics of you giving sweet kisses to the baby ;)

Elizabeth & Luna

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom ha detto...

What a GReat day!


Tank woo fur sharing!

Mom says Cherry looks like a Brittany Spaniel!


Cocorue ha detto...

hey guys.....lovely to see you enjoying yourselves.

may i have a teeeny slice of THAT pizza and some yummy gelato????? ( mumster used to eat your gelato during winter when she's at Milan for work and she's still dreaming of that)


happy ha detto...

Ooh pizza! Yum yum! You guys are so lucky!

Tanuki Maxx ha detto...

Beautiful pics!
Pizza!? slurrp..yummy!!


Charlie ha detto...

That's the best trip - peeps and ice-cream and pizza and a nap!!
- Charlie

Anya ha detto...

It was very nice to walk with you my woof woof friends :-)
So many lovely pictures !!
I didn't now dogs eating PIZZA !!

hugs to all
Kareltje =^.^=

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java ha detto...

What a fabulous day you had - babies and pizza and ice cream. Life doesn't get any better than that!!

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Nika + PARKER ha detto...

Ciao!! Wow you had a fabulous day! Thanks for taking us a long!!

Martha and Bailey ha detto...

Hi Paco, Milo and Maya, we loved coming with you on your trip.
Alba looked like a great place with lots of interesting things to see.
We loved the church.
The three of you looked so beautiful and were so well behaved.
You are the kind of tourists everyone wants to welcome.
You were so cute with the little human - we are just a little scared of them.
We find ice cream cold although we know most dogs find it yummy - however when you talk pizza you are talking our language.
There is nothing we wouldn't do for some pizza.
We are pleased to see you share our good taste.
We are also very very good at pulling our mum - we might seem small but we are very strong.
Your mom will develop good muscles being pulled by the three of you!
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxxxx
PS We just love the Header pic - gorgeous!

Dory and the Mama ha detto...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us!! We are so happy you got to have pizza!!! Mama and Daddy had pizza last weekend but did not share with us!!!


Audrey the Photographer Dog ha detto...

Such beautiful photos!!! Looks like an amazing day!

Lorenza ha detto...

A very nice walkie, meeting friends, dragging your mom, ice cream and then.... pizza at home!
You are veeeery lucky!
Kisses and hugs

Rosie ha detto...

Thank you for sharing - my mommy use to work for a company here in the US that was founded in Alba. They make chocolate. That was very nice to see the pictures of the town. It looks beautiful!

Ben ha detto...

Ohhh my brother Lance is soooo Jealous. Pizza is his most favoritist thing in the world.
You boys are so lucky to have had such a wonderful day with your fabolous Peeps.

SGR ha detto...

Woof! WOW what a great walkie trip you had ... always LOVE seeing your photos. Wish I can join you ... OH! OH! and what's that PIZZA OH! Do I wish to have a slice of it ... YUMMY!!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

The OP Pack ha detto...

We are having a hard time keeping up with blogs with all the holiday preparations, but we are finally here. You had a wonderful walk there, didn't you? Mom says those truffles look soo yummy. And pizza??? We love pizza but we usually only get the crust.

We would love to send you a Christmas card, if you wouldn't mind, can you send your address to our gmail address here.

Happy weekend, the OP Pack

Augie and Ti's mom ha detto...

Wow, Maya has gotten so big! What a great outing and... ice cream??... pizza?? Don't tell Augie and Ti!

MONA AND MOMMY TOO!! ha detto...

Hi friends,

Yahoo!! We got in. What a wonderful time you guys had. Mommy would love to have seen the inside of that church. Mommy and I cuddled the whole day and took 2 naps. She says she feels drugged with the medicaine so we have benn slpeeing most of the. That's Ok becuase there is nothing better than than cuddling with Mommy.


PS...are ypu gonna take a guess in my holdiday tree decorating contest?

Sierra Rose ha detto...

What a magical town!
Hey! We can't believe you had ice cream and mom's even drooling.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

The Bumpass Hounds ha detto...

GOLLY! That looks like authentic Italian pizza, not Domino's. It's good idea to have tourists days so that y'all can see stuff that you might otherwise take for granted. When mom and dad lived near San Francisco they did a tourist day. Dad grew up in Boston but he had to do a tourist day to see all of the historic stuff. Now we live near D.C. and they had to take tourist days to see the monuments. We live right in the middle of American Civil War battlefields and haven't seen muc of them; we need a tourist day. Your blog Christmas stuff looks GReat. Our mom is going GaGa over Andrea Bocelli's new album "My Christmas." She already bought the CD and dad is gonna give her the DVD of the television special for Christmas. We told mom that you guys must know Andrea because he lives in Italy too. Near somewhere called Tuscany. Are you very good friends with Andrea; do you get to call him Andy? Mom has about 20 CDs of his but most of them are in a foreign language; probably Italian, so we don't understand all the words but we love his voice and the music he makes. it isn't necessary to know the words to understand the meaning of the song. Now we can bark Italian by copying words off of Andrea's album liner notes; Bianco Natale, Cantique de Noel. Car Gesu' Bambino
Have y'all been following the clues for our Monday Mystery Guest this week? You should.
Did you know the U.S. Navy uses Italian whenever they eat? In our Navy food is called chow. Someone that eats too much is called a chow hound. Isn't chow Italian for either hello or goodbye. Just like in hawaiian, Aloha mean hello or goodbye. Our mom says that when she lived in Italy working for the U.S. Army she used to go out on Friday nights and was introduced to Grappa. She loved all the photos of youse guys in Alba. We would have rather gone to ALPO because that is a very high meat content dog food over here. If they made Alpo in Alba it could be called Alba Alpo, Try saying that 3 times fast.

ebby ha detto...

Whow, you got Pizza ???
You must be live in heaven, do you?
Had a wonderfull walk in the city, nice photos your mom shoots.
Wish you all the best from here to italy, your Ebby

Gus, Louie and Callie ha detto...

What a wonderful trip you had.. Everything is so beautiful and all those humans to cuddle..
Now pizza, that is our favorite..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


Oh my.. do I wish I lived where you live. Great food, great places to go, and you got PIZZA! Then a huge bed to nap on.. I'm gonna have mom wrap me up for christmas and send me over there..

Thor ha detto...

What a wonderful day you had! Walks, mommy, daddy, bros and sis, babies, friends, food, ice-cream, pizza, cuddles and naps! Pawfect! =)

Raising Addie ha detto...

OMD you guys had such a good time! You got ice cream and you met new friends!

Maya you are growing soooo very fast!

LOVE love love your new holiday picture!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Maggie and Mitch ha detto...

PIZZA! yummmm! Isn't it just the best stuff ever, Maya?! Those truffles look pretty yummy too!
Guess what? Our mom comes home today! whoooooohooooooooooo

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

TwoSpecialWires ha detto...

What a wonderful visit to Alba! We love going on day trips with you! The cobblestone streets are the greatest! Pretty, fun to walk on and like art! Sort of like the displays of yummy food and drink! They are beautiful!!! We wish we could go with you. Do you think your moma could handle two more doggies on leashes? We'd try to be good! Especially knowing pizza comes at the end of the wonderful day!

Looking forward to you next post. We always do!
Jake and Fergi xxoo