domenica 27 dicembre 2009


Christmas was a GREAT GREAT day for us!!!!
We had a wonderful day with our family and we opened tons of super presents!!!!
What an exciting day!!!!!!
And you dear friends......did you have a wonderful day????
We hope YES!!!!!You're all soooooooooooooooooooo special for us and we want for you only the best in the world!!!!!

Here are our Christmas' socks.....

Ok!!!!!We're ready to open our presents!!!!

First......we got a wonderful package from our new spanish friends Byron & Xavier!!!
Sniff sniff.....mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....can I look inside the box???

What a wonderful gum bone.....

and delicious treats........

And a great great toy for our theet......

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....I LOVE chewing and....destroying the paper!!!


He's CASPER...our sweet cousin.....he comes from Genoa and spen his holidays with us!!!!

WOWWOOOOOO!!!!!Look at this super toy....3 big gum hoops!!!!

Thanks you a lot dear Byron and Xavier!!!

And now..............we want to show you what we found inside our Christmas socks!!!!!
Our new friend...Flea.....

A new ball......

And tons of delicious treats!!!!!!!!

Gnam gnam gnam....

Was a wonderful and sunny day....and we played a lot in the garden!!!

Awwwwwwww.......what a beautiful and warm day!!!!

Here is our grandmother with us...we love her a lot!!!!!
She's sooooooooooo sweet with us!!!


And...............mommy gave us a big big big and delicious bone!!!!! one around me......OK!!!!!!

Me and my daddy!!!!

Me and my sock......

And after lots of funny games.....we needed a rest!!!!!

Wawawwawaaaaaaaaa...look at Milo in his Buddha position on our sofa....
He's soooooo funny!!!!

Sweet dreams with mommy......

Sleep tight sweet Casper!!!!

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Sue ha detto...

Dear Simona, it looks like you had such a wonderful Christmas with your gorgeous babies!

We are all fine here, but my computer has been giving me some trouble. I hope it will get fixed soon!

Please give Milo, Paco and Maya a big kiss from us. We love you all!

Sue & the gang!

Thor ha detto...

Hi! You sure had lots of fun playing with your news toys! Your grandma and Casper look so sweet! And you look so happy in those pics and videos! Milo´s Buddha position is so funny! =)

Homer ha detto...

Gosh Maya, you are so big!!!! And Milo's so cute in his Buddha pose! Ha ha ha!

Tell your mommy to call my mommy OK?


Homer ha detto...

Simona! I didn't know you can howl like that! And, I hope you've got our presents ready....


The Thundering Herd ha detto...

Woo - we had a great Christmas and looks like you had an awesome one too. What happy faces!

Benny and Lily ha detto...

Wow your Christmas looked wonderful. We love your new header pictures
Benny & Lily

Charlie ha detto...

What a great loot! I like the 3 hoops, bet that would make a good tug-o-war toy.

Merry Christmas guys!

Raising Addie ha detto...

WOW you guys had the BEST Christmas!!!

We wish we could have been there with you to celebrate!

The videos were soooo much fun!

Maya, you are almost all grown up. We can hardly believe it! We wanted you to stay a puppy forever!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Audrey the Photographer Dog ha detto...

Wow, what lucky dogs! Looks like an amazing Christmas! Glad you had lots of fun!

The Army of Four ha detto...

What a great post! Full of fun, friends and family!!! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL time!!!
I like Milo's Buddha pose on the sofa! :)
Lots of love,

Rufus and Indie ha detto...

What a pawsome post!
You had a super Christmas day! So many presents!

Rufus and Indie

Nika + PARKER ha detto...

Buon Natale!!!! Looks like you had a great christmas and lots of toys!!!! Yay - you look so happy!

Tucker, Daisy and Leo ha detto...

So glad you all had a nice Christmas. What great gifts. Maya is getting so big and beautiful. Love Milo's Buddha pose, so funny.

Tucker and Daisy

Lorenza ha detto...

Happy Holidays, Paco, Milo, Maya, Casper, Mom, Dad and Grandma!
Sure you all had a pawesome time!
Byron and Xinver sent you great presents!
Kisses and hugs

caboval ha detto...

Oh did they finally wear themselves out???? Oh merry Christmas Marco!!!!!!! They are so cute getting their presents! Maya is getting so big!!!! Love you guys so much!!!!! Hugs Valerie Joey and Kealani

Charlie ha detto...

What great Christmas pictures! Merry Christmas!!
- Charlie

Ms. ~K ha detto...

Looks like you had a bow wow wonderful day!
Hugs and belly rubs,

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom ha detto...

What a furry merry khristmas all of woo had!

Tank woo fur sharing!


Tanuki Maxx ha detto...

Whooa!! Great holiday pics and lots of presents too i see!! You must be very very happy!!
Luv that Buddha position, Milo!
If only i could hold that posture..i'm carrying a bit of holiday weight now..hehe!


Byron y Xinver ha detto...

Hi, Great Day!!
We see you've been having lots of fun!

Farley ha detto...

What a wonderful Christmas you had. Maya, I swear you get cuter every day! Love Buddha Milo - soooo funny :)

MONA AND MOMMY TOO!! ha detto...

hi dear friends,

We are back!! We have missed you guys sooo much. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmaqs. Mommy just loves your New Years format. It is so pretty.

Mommy is going to the post office this weekend to mail your prize for my Christmas tree contest but wants to make sure you got your Christmas card before she mails the package. Did you get my Christmas card?

Mommy is going to be off for 4 days starting Thursdayand we are gonna go visit my boyfriend Sammy. I am sooooo excited.

Kisses and {{{huggies}}} to everybody....Mona & Mommy

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java ha detto...

We're sorry we haven't been around much. Our Sissy has been visiting from California and our Dad is off from work for 2 weeks so Mom is busy with them. She'll be back to blogging regularly again soon.

We're glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Samantha ha detto...

I'm so laaaaate!!! YOu had a wonderful XMAS everybody and everydoggie!!! Love the stockings - that was so funny! And Milo's Bhudda post is hysterical!!! Can't believe he does that - what a riot! Wish we could have been there with you - it looks like so much fun - and we love seeing YOU both as well as the dogs! What FUN!!! Have a happy, happy nEW yEAR!!!! Do you have to work??? Hope you can spend the night partying with your babies hehehee!
Huge Hugs xo'
PS: my mom got a camera and our son set up Skype for momma - but not sure what or how to do it???
Kisses xo Miche

Pipa ha detto...

Hello there sweet auntie, sweet uncle, Milo, Maya and Pacooooo!

We just had SO MUCH FUN watching your videos and photos!

We want to wish you a happy and funtastic 2010!!

Simona, please tell me what's your name in Facebook! We're friends with Vanessa there too!



Joy ha detto...

Hey Paco, Milo, Maya, Simona and Marco!!! Best Wishes from Germany. Happy New Year to you all!!!! We love your Storys and Pics :-))))
Manny manny kisse to you!!!
WauWau Joy
with Siggi and Stefan

Mango the Maltese kiddo ha detto...

May it be the start to a pawsome new year.
Love ya lots!
(Do we have the same taste or what, we do have the same blog background!)

Anya ha detto...

and a healthy 2010
Thanks for your friendship...
Keep blogging :-)


Rain ha detto...

cIAOOO Paco Milo e Maya grazie per gli auguri ....per me non sarà una bella nottata perchè sono terrorizzato dai botti!! Tra un po' la mia mamma mi addormenta perchè essendo un po' vecchietto ho il cuore che fa i capricci!Bevete voi lo spumante anche per me!!!

Martha and Bailey ha detto...

What a wonderful Xmas filled with fun!
We are sorry we havent been around so much but just wanted to wish you a very happy New Year.
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxx

Twinkietinydog ha detto...

What a grrreat post and your videos too! How did I miss that? Huh, better late than never. I wanted to stop by and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be the best yet.

Sam ha detto...

It looks like you all had a very Merry Christmas! We love the photos!

Sam and Cisco

Amber and Nala ha detto...

Merry Christmas sweet Goldies!! Milo, I LOVE you Buddha pose...fantastic!