domenica 18 gennaio 2009

....France...... (Part 2)

Hi dear friends!!!!!!!

here we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We want to share with you those pictures about our second day in France.....

we're going in Switzerland to Geneva.... while were arriving,mum and dad have found a place whether to stay for stuffed to play some on the snow!!!!! made indeed very very cold.....but the panorama was look at the trees as they seemed some icicles.....


we're enjoied so much!!!!!!!

Milo....where are you going????

Paco.....come with me!!!!!

Panorama........with Milo!!!!WAAAWAAA

With mummy!!!!

Here is the frozen trees!!!!!!!!!

POOR look as he is dressed......feel so much cold!!!

Paco.....rolling on the snow!!!He loves so much to do that!!!!

Here who has given us the welcome when have reached Geneva!!a lot of beautiful swans....but however........just approached us, they made of the strange sounds for stuffed to get further!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOO.........Too bad!!!!!!

The Geneva's lake front

Paco..studying the lake.....


and dear friends....look at what we have found in front of ONU........a very very very big chair!!!!!That's incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!don't you????

Wonderful tree........

We love a lot this wonderful scenery.... is what a wonderful view we have found when we're arriving at the summit of the mont Sion.....lot of sun......and beautiful cloud's lake.........
Paco goes to watch better he can this view!!!!

with mum..............

Beautiful Paco......

Milo rolling in the snow...and Paco....BOHHHH???

Milo eat some snow...

WOOOOWWW...I love snow!!!!!!!

And that is the heavenly panorama that we have found at our arrive at Annecy in the night....

See you asap for the last part........

15 commenti:

The Accessory Lady ha detto...

Your dog is ADORABLE. Great photos!

Amber ha detto...

WOW! What a pawesome trip! I love the pictures of you playing in the snow, especially the ones of you rolling and jumping. :) Also, the lake of fog is furtastic and the trees are amazing and the big chair and the one of the tree on the hillside with the sun! I love them all! :) It looks like you had a super time with your Mom and Dad....they are so nice to take you to such fun and beautiful places! Make sure to give them thank you licks.


Mason Dixie ha detto...

What a great trip you had. All that snow!!!! your mum and dad looked cold, hehe, good thing you have those beautiful coats.

Lorenza ha detto...

Thanks for sharing all those pictures!
It looks too cold for me but sure you had lots of fun there!
Kisses and hugs

happy ha detto...

Great pictures! Sounds like you had a fabulous time there!

Gee...what happened to the chair's leg? Did you two chewed off half of it?

I have something for you at my blog ;-)

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Beautiful photos guys! We love the ones of you playing on the mountain, the cloud lake and the moonlit gorgeous, looks like heaven! Also, looks FREEZING!! That big chair is so cool too! Can't wait to see the next part :o)
Slobbers xx

Pipa ha detto...


Your pictures are soooo boootiful, friends! It feels like we're there, in all those beautiful places, with you! Thank you so much for sharing those nice pics with us! I just loved everything! Paco and Milo are having so much fun, what a wonderful trip! They are lucky guys, 'cause they have funtastic humans!!

I want to roll in the snow with you!!! If I were there, I would chew another leg of that chair! AHAHHAHAHAHAH :)

Enjoy the rest of the vacacions and have a nice and quiet trip!!

(We want more photos!!)


Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo! What a fantastic trip you had! What an amazing chair! And those scenic's so interesting to see other parts of the world, and seeing it on your blog is better than seeing it on TV or reading about it in a book...because you're there, too!

Your friend,

Achilles Wong ha detto...

hellow there puppies!

we are friends of cody, the beans and other pups and we have been reading from you in their bloggies a lot so we came by to visit.

we are in awe. you are very lucky pups to get to go on a vacation like that. we dont have snow here but it sure looks fun out there.

we hope you were able to meet lots of french retrievers out there.. :D. we cant wait to read the last chapter of your visit to france.

drooly kisses,


Homer ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo,

We haven't been experiencing snow reently sigh... I wish I'm there with you guys playing zoomies in the snow!


Homer ha detto...

My Missus wanted to come see you but Rome is too far from your place and if I'm not mistaken, you guys live in the north of Italy and they only have the weekend...

They said Rome is booti-ful!



Allison (Dog Mom) ha detto...

It looks like woo both are having a pawsome time on your trip!! They are beewootiful places that woo are visiting!

Paws and Licks,
Gus and Waldo

Chester's Mom ha detto...

I wish so badly that I could read your posts but the pictures are beautiful. Paco (I think he is the light colored dog) reminds Mom of her Golden Retriever friend "Buck" that she had when she was 17 years old. You are very lucky dogs to be able to on such a wonderful trip. Chester

Dino and Family ha detto...

Whoa! That's a great holiday and what awesome photos! Thanks for sharing, I really wish I was there with you all! Love, Dino

Stella ha detto...

Thank you for taking me along on this beautiful vacation!

I enjoyed every minute of it!