mercoledì 28 gennaio 2009

......40 Things Tag.....

WHO IS SHE???????

Hi Dear friends!!!!
Today will be our mum to make one her post!!!!
HI!!!!!!Here's Me....Simona.....Paco & Milo's mum....
Amber (Nala's mum) has tagged us to play this game....
the rules are....
I have to write 40 things about myself and include a recent photo, then tag three others to play........
OMD....writing 40 things on English.....
I'm sorry if my english sometime sounds funny.........
It's hard for me to write in other language :-)))

So on with the list........

1) I was born in Genova 35 years ago....(OHHHH.....I'm sooooooooooo old!!!!)

2)When i was little,I dreamt to become a gymnast and so I have made rhythmic gymnastics for 6 years

3)then i'm grown too much and fo rthis reason I have started to play basket

4) I studied accounting

5) whe i was 18...have gone to play basket in another city and so my sporting career that has brought me around Italy for 12 years, has started!!!
I have also played in Italian national team.......has been a beautiful experience!!!!
But sometimes missed me the possibility to have "fixed" friends!!!!

6)when i was 30.....i stopped my basketball career because i wanted one normally home!!!

7) i made a lot of work....but the first important work for me was in hospital like a nurse

8) when i was 32 i should married....but few days before.....i've found my boyfriend with another girl can imagine!!!!!!!!

9) i escaped away from everything and all and I have changed city.....
but was a good thing!!!!!
this way i have known Marco (that works also in hospital) and i was falling in love!!!!
we're married 16 december 2007!!!!!!!!!!!

10) thanks to Marco I have realized the dream that I had since have a golden retriever!!!!
so....Paco has arrived (20 July 2006)

11) 14 April 2007....We went to Pesaro for know the new member of our house....Milo!!!YEAHHHHHH!!!! the 2nd big gift in my life!!!!

12)for the our honeymoon we was going to Lapponia......too cold (-30°C) but wonderful trip....

13) i love cold

14) I love yellow mustard

15) since i was little I wanted to be a doctor

16) I have one younger sister who is wonderful

17) I have visited Messico...Cuba...Santo Domingo....Marsa Alam....and I love Messico and hope to be able to go again to Mexico because I find it a marvelous country!!!!

18) i Have 7 tatto and i love all of it!!!

19) I love my mum...she's my best friend.....her name is Aurora

20) I hate the disorder....
and naturally my husband is very messy..... :-)))))

21) I have piercing to the navel

22)I have piercing to the nose

23) I Loved toooooooooooooooooo much tv particular:
Doctor's House
Grey's Anatomy
Criminal Minds
Can't loose an episode of these

23) My favourite food is Pizza and I love.................Mac Donalds!!!!!
(Paco & Milo too!!!!!)

24)I love cooking!!!!My favourite things to make are Pizza....Lasagne (Pasta cooked by oven)
and cake with fruit!!!!

25) I'm very very my husband opinion!!!! WAAWAAWAAA!!!

26) i love to make tons of photos......specially to my loves Paco and Milo.....and Marco ;-))!!!!!

27) I love driving all around the world!!!!

28) My best films are : "Meet Joe Black" and "Patch Adams"

29) I'm very very very mind and my heart are always among the clouds!!!!!

30) I love so much sleeping.....if I could....I slept for all the day!!!!MMMMMMM......noooooo!!!!!....but would be wonderful if I could have a job to do from bed!!!!

31) I love make a trip with all my family!!!!

32) I never leave alone Paco & and my husband make turns at our occupation so we can be everyday with our furry childs!!!!

33) i've never smoked

34) I hate coffee......Am I italian???????BOHHHHHHH!!!!!! :-))))))))

35) But I Love so much Sangria, Margarita and white wine!!!!

36) I Love sportive dresses like overalls and Nike shoes......( My husband live with one dream... to see me with a miniskirt....but i think it will be left a dream!!!!!WAAAWAAAAAA!!!!)

37) I have a terrible fear of te cats!!!!!!I don't know why....but I think it was because one of it bited me when I was litte baby!!!

38) I'm very very very very very CRAZY!!!!!!!!

39) I love LIFE......

40) I LOVE MORE THAN ME.....PACO & MILO!!!!!!!!



Now, it is my turn to tag 3 people so I tag:

1) STACEY........ Addie & Lucie's mum

2) VANESSA.........Homer's mum

3) CARLA.......Pipa' mum

We can't wait to see the "40 Things tag" Post of this wonderful and so special mum!!!!!

BYE BYE!!!!!!

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Elizabeth Bergesen ha detto...

Great post, thanks for sharing!!

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...'s very nice to meet you! We didn't tag you...because we KNEW someone would, heehee! I loved reading all about you, you're as fun as we thought you'd be!! You have a great life and your babies are so lucky :o) Funny pictures too, especially the pink hairdo!
Slobbers xx

Samantha: ha detto...

That was absolutely charming and I feel I know you so much better! You doggies are so lucky you have one of your peeps around all the time! So many comments, but Mama has to go to work, but she says it's only for an hour, so that's not too bad. You guys have a great mama! My mom loves her too!
Licks and Hugs,
xo Samantha

Amber ha detto...

So glad you played! That is very funny that we both like yellow mustard and how cool that you played basketball. :) I played when I was younger. I was laughing so hard at the clothing comment about your husband wanting to see you in a miniskirt. ;) Justin would like to see me in one too but I am much more comfortable in other stuff....I like sporty attire too. :) Since you like to make lasagna maybe we should swap recipes. ;) Lasagna is my favorite food and I sometimes make homemade pepperoni bread to go with it. :) Anyway, it was very fun learning more about you. :) Have a great night!

Amber & Nala

Chow Chow ha detto...

That's some very interesting facts about you, Simona! Thanks for giving us the chance to get to know you better. I think Paco and Milo are very very lucky to have a wonderful mum like you!

Lorenza ha detto...

Hi, Simona!
Thanks for playing this game! Sure now we know you much better!
Like you I'd love to have a job that could be done from my bed! Haa!
Kisses and hugs
Lorenza and Veronica

Achilles Wong ha detto...

yay! we sure learned a lot about your mum guys... we are so glad that you are in the company of such a wonderful person. i could just imagine how much fun you are having.

manang's dream is to have a Golden too. that is why she is so crazy about you. but, Poopie and I came into her life unexpectedly and I guess now, she does not really have a prefered breed.

we cant wait to read what addie's and the other mums will write about.

drooly kisses,


Homer ha detto...

Dear Paco and Milo,

First of all... wow and WOW! We love that BOOTI-FUL photo of your human's wedding! Your dad looks so handsome and your mum is sooooo stunning. That is one perfect looking couple, a match made in heaven!

Thannks for sharing 40 things about your dearest mommy. We are surprised that she's not a big fan of coffee 'cos the Italians love their coffee. Your mummy shared some similiar characteristics with my Missus.

Missus is struggling to come up with 40 things about her. She'll try her best, hopefully by the end of the week she will have something.

Your mum is a super star!


The FOUR Musketeers ha detto...

Thats a great list ! :D

Joey ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo! So nice to get to know your beautiful mum better. What great pictures! The four of you are meant to be together!!! You are a beautiful family with many great adventures ahead of you, I'm sure.

Your pal,

Raising Addie ha detto...

We just LOVE you!!!

That was a great list! We just LOVED getting to know you better!

That is soooo very cool that you played basketball! My cousin that I grew up with played basketball all throughout college. I was not very talented at sports.

Ok... did getting your tattoos hurt? I got a navel ring when I was younger but I could never get it to heal properly so I had to give it up.

That weasel that cheated on you...what a JERK!

I am sooooo very glad that you found Marco! I can see how in love the two of you are. AND how much you both love Paco and Milo!


We are always on the quest for the best pizza... we have not found it yet.

I will have to get busy and make my list. Thank you soooo much for tagging me!!

Lots of Luv & Kisses

Raising Addie ha detto...

Hello there!!!

I was curious to know if you played in the Olympics?

Lots of Luv & Kisses

SGR ha detto...

Woof! It's me Sugar .. your new friend.
Simona - you surely played the game...great job!
Paco and Milo you guys are very lucky and I am lad to be your friend. Woof! Sugar

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Hi Simona! If you email us we will send you our address :o)

Amber-Mae ha detto...

Thanks for sharing 40 things about you!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Thor ha detto...

Hey Simona!
Thanks for sharing! Paco and Milo are so lucky having a wonderful mom like you!


Pipa ha detto...

I loved to know about you and I just loved your photos! Gosh, that photo of the wedding is so fantastic! You two are sooo happy and your are soooooo beautiful! My Mummy loved the dress. And she says you have the perfect smile!
reading about you, she thinks the same! You girls have to get together! You like the same things and are sports fanatics!

But of course you have to come to Portugal! Sooooooon! WOW, the 7 of us together!!!! YEPPPEEEEEEEEEE

(we hope we can see LOST 5th season together! ehehehhehehe)

(You'll have to teach basket to Carla... she doesn't reaaly know how to play it... BOL... but John sure knows how to play... he's 1,93cm!!)

We're so happy to have met you!

Carla, John and Pipa

Sue ha detto...

I loved learning so much about you!

And your English is very good!