mercoledì 30 settembre 2009


We give you a break from our Corse pics......we don't want stress you......
we want share with your some videos about our days with mommy and our games together....
We have received wonderful presents from our great and special friends GUS AND WALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're 2 Handsome bros who are very very special friends for us....
We love them and their family a lot and we're honored to have their friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE LOVE YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we have wolf your yummy treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....what is this????
Is for us?????YEPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy...Help me opening this package!!!!
We can't believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a wonderful things there are inside the box!!!!
Sluuuuurrrrpppppppp......But are all for us????From Gus and Waldo?????!!!!!!!!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...what a wonderful friends they are!!!!!
Their card for us!!!!
We're honored guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! us to bail out all these yummy treats!!!
Maya......don't eat the box...buttttt.........
OMDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.....Slurp slurp......gnam gnam....
mommyyyyyyy...can I have some please????
Look at my desperate face!!!!!!
it's for me?????
Gnam gnam gnam....DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And they have inserted into the box something for mommy and dad too!!!!!
Here is dad with these delicious humans treats...
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dad...can you share with us something of that????
I would love be your official taster!!!
This time we think mommy and dad will not share with us their candies!!!!
Sigh sigh sigh!!!

AND NOW.......
We want show you how much we love mommy.....
......The only thing which scare Maya.....
......How fun we have playing with our little monster Maya!!!!!.....
PACO & MAYA......
BYE BYE!!!!!!!

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The Army of Four ha detto...

How exciting!!! And what lovely presents for ALL of you! Gus and Waldo are SO sweet!
Great photos and we LOVE the videos! Our favorite is the first! You DO love your mommy!!! That is so sweet!

The Bumpass Hounds ha detto...

Hey gang,
Maya looks like such an angel. We know that she could never get into any mischief. That's a great package of goodies that you got and it was nice of Gus and Waldo to send something for your mom and dad. Youse guys don't bark in Italian, we could understand you just fine. The other Homer should be in Milan by now; maybe you'll get to meet him. You all make a very fine family of dogs and people. We love you.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With Khattledog ha detto...

How furry khool to get such khool pressies from Gus and Waldo!

Maya made my mom smile with the lawnmower!

Take good khare of her PLEASE!?!


TwoSpecialWires ha detto...

Wowweee! What a great happening at your home! Pressies from friends! No wonder! You guys are great friends and it's sooo much fun to see you having a great time opening and enjoying them. Mommy and Daddy, too! Gus and Waldo must be waggin' big to see how happy they've made you! All of you!!!

Smiling with ya,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

BTW. We NEVER get tired of your vacation pics and videos!!!

Golden Samantha ha detto...

So many subjects! Cool pressies from Gus and Waldo! Such great friends to you - I know you loved the gifts and treats - looks like Mom and Dad did too! And the playfulness of Maya with both Milo (great zoomies, Milo!) and Paco, who had some wonderful zoomies too is heartwarming - love to see Paco playing with his daughter! Super photos and vids!
Hugs xo

Valerie Cummings ha detto...

O-M-D!!!! Look at Paco playing with his baby in the last video!!!! I remember when you first brought her home and he didnt want to have anything to so with her!!!! Now its all different!!!! Yay Paco loves Maya!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Asta ha detto...

Hello Paco,Milo and Maya
(you suwe awe gwowing into a big bootiful giwl!)
That was so sweet of you fwiends to wend you those yummielicious tweats! and fow you pawents too..
Fwiends awe the BEST!!!
I hope little may a is not too scawed aftew that encountew wif the lawn monstew.
I love youw holoween backgwound..booooooooooo hehehe
I think you awe the cutest kids in the wowld and youw pawents seem like the funnest nicest hoomans. I wish we could live close and meet you so I could give you lots of my smoochie kisses

Dog By Nature ha detto...

You guys got Mini Zukes! Those are pawsome treats. We love how you run like crazy with Maya, we call that zooming:) Bug hugs and pets,

M, S & K

The WriggleButts ha detto...

So much fun and so many great pressies! Yay! We thinks you are so lucky.


claudia.filipa ha detto...

I've got to stop drinking... I've been away from internet so many time, and now I'm seeing 3 goldens insted of two hehe Just Kidding

Scott isn't my brother, he's a cute golden from one of our friends.

But I have good news, I'm gonna have a little human brother to play with.

Licks from Portugal,

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings ha detto...

What lovely pressies!! We're so sorry we can't watch video due to our satellite.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Anya ha detto...

Hi Paco,Milo and Maya

I enjoyed your post
Lovely shots and beautiful video's
They are so funny ... ;)
Beautiful dogs !!!

Hugs from Kareltje
from The Netherlands

(I am a friend from Max ;)

Scottie the 'Cutie' ha detto...

Wow, those are very cool pressies that you got! The treats look super yummy and the toys so fun! *licks lips* Wish I could be there to play with you guys! *grins*


Astrid Keel ha detto...

OOOH! What fun! You got such great pressies and you shared everything so well! I love the videos, especially the second one!

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha ha detto...

Wow pressies!!! Cool!
Maya thinks the box is more yummy! LOL!
Your pawrents are so silly in that picture.

Sam & June

Angel Ginger Jasper ha detto...

What a lovely post today.. What great smiley faces.... You got lovely treats and your faces said how much you enjoyed them... It is so good to have such good friends... The bloggy is so good.. Loved the videos.... Mum says she will think about your mum at work tonight... Hugs GJ xxxx

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ ha detto...

OMD - we just love that photo of Maya waiting for her treat - just precious. Phantom LOVES Skittles, but they never get M & Ms.

Your videos are so much fun to watch - it is so good to see pups have so much fun together.

Woos, the OP Pack

The Adventures of the LLB Gang ha detto...

What an AWESOME bunch of pressies. I love all the pictures. Especially the one of your Mama and Daddy playing tug with the candy wrapper!!!


Sierra Rose ha detto...

Woooooweeeee!!! Loved the pressies! And, nice touch to add some super candies for mom and dad.
Loved the play with Maya and Milo! What sweeties. Maya is getting bigger!!!!!!
Thanks for visiting our site. Sierra Rose and I are almost 100% going to join in October, but not definite yet. We should know soon.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Rosie ha detto...

Nice pressiess good thing mommy did not share the chocolate that is very bad for doggies. Looks like you are still having nice weather. It is getting cold here where I live.

Arran, Arthur and Mum ha detto...

What pawsome presents from great friends. Yum to the treats and sweeties!! Oh, Auntie Penny loved seeing how interested Maya was in the box! She says to give Maya all her love.
~lickies, Ludo

Gus, Louie and Callie ha detto...

Waldo is so wonderful to send such great stuff and not to forget Mom and Dad..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Dexter ha detto...

Gus and Waldo sure know how to shop.

Why are you nervous with the lawn mower machine? I suggest chasing and yelling at it.


Lorenza ha detto...

Hi, friends!
I loved all your videos and pictures!
You all got very nice presents!
My mom loves Skittles too!
Kisses and hugs

Nala & Robin ha detto...

Great pressies! My hooman says she's now craving for Skittles. BOL! We loved all the videos and pictures!


Nala & Robin

Maxmom ha detto...

Hey there Paco, Milo, Maya & Simona
We are so happy for you that you received a parcel! It is truly wonderful to receive a gift like that - we received one too this week! Such special friends! You looked like you really enjoyed it...and you deserve it too! Hope you guys are all well.
Lots of licks

Sally ha detto...

Hi Paco, Milo and Maya,

I would like to invite you to this years dog-wichteling. Have a look at my blog. We would be very happy if you join our wichteling-project. And tell your friends please.
Have a nice weekend.

Nice woooh

Piappies World ha detto...

Hi Paco, Milo & Maya,

Your pressies are great! So sweet of your fur-friends to even send yummy treats to your mom and dad.

We also love watching the videos and mommy really feels your looooooove. Maya is so adorable playing around, too. Weeeeee

- Princess & the Piappies

Martha ha detto...

Oh my we were so frightened by the ghosts on your blog background!!!
What a great parcel for you guys - we hope you enjoyed your great treats.

Too bad that your mom and dad were not sharing their treats!!
These humans eat way too much sugar anyway - makes them hyper!
Best stick to the doggie treats.

Fun pics and videos too. Martha hates the lawn mower!!!

Have a great weekend guys with lots of fun.
love you lots
Martha & Bailey xxxx

Farley ha detto...

We are so happy you received nice gifts in the mail, and it is especially nice that your humans got treats too :) You deserve it, you make all of us very happy!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ ha detto...

What a great package of goodies, it even had something included for your mum and dad. :-)

We love watching you playing in the garden, you look like you are having so much fun together.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Holly & Zac...XX

Lacy ha detto...

w00fs, w0w, what pawsome pressies....and me wiff u, me stays away from the lawnmower too..

b safe,

Molly the Airedale ha detto...

How thoughtful Gus and Waldo are and what wonderful gifts! Mom says she remembers our Nanny loving Skittles!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Kenia Santos ha detto...

Ciao amici!
Everytime I come here my heart makes me want a Goldie more. And these videos, ohhhhhh! I just want to snuggle you all and never let go! I want to bite you too!!! =))))

Frodo is back from his trip, he wanted to say hello but I didn't let him this time, because I wanted to spoil you a little with my smiles and exclamation points! You're just lovely!!!!!

Thanks for your visits and wonderful comments. I love you.

Thor and Jack ha detto...

Hi guys! What pawsome pressies you got from Gus and Waldo!
Cool pictures and videos! I can see how much you love mommy!
I enjoyed so much watching you playing in the garden!
I hope you´re having a great weekend!


Anonimo ha detto...

How "sweet"!
All those yummy sweets and treats.

Autumn smooches

Amber and Nala ha detto...

Lawn mowers are scary! I don't blame Maya! How sweet of Gus and Waldo...they are super sweet boys! You got some Zuke's....those are some of my favorites....hope you got to eat lots of them!


Ziggy Stardust ha detto...

Hi, I love your new pressies. Mail packages are sooooooo cool. The videos are fun to watch. Thank you. My Mommy and Daddy won't share human candy either.

licks and sniff, Sasha

Anonimo ha detto...

You folks have an award made special for you on the 9-tniners wordpress site.

i ha detto...

What a nice package! Great pictures and video! Hope your weekend was good!

Najia ha detto...

Hi Maya! Hi Paco! Hi Milo!

We are so very sorry that we have not commented in sooooo long! Please forgive us.

We have missed you and it is so wonderful that you had a great vacation! Maybe one day we can all vacation together!

How is Achilles Sirio? Did your mama get our email??? I hope so!

PLEASE let us know when you visit San Diego so you can come over and visit us, ok!?

Kisses to you all...
Milo, Laverne & Shirley

Allison Walton ha detto...

Haroo, Paco and Milo and Maya! We are sooo happy that the pressie got to you. Our post office didn't think it would all make it, but it DID! Hooray!

We love the video of Maya and the lawn mower. Even though mommee doesn't speak Italian, she could understand every word you were saying--she says the same things to us about the broom!

Gus and Waldo

Unknown ha detto...

I think you guys have the best mom and dad. They are very silly and fun. And they hand feed you. Lucky! You know I eat mini zukes every day. You are enjoying one of my favorites.