domenica 24 gennaio 2010


MOMMY IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She have had a terrific accident yesterday morning while was coming home after her night shift at work!!!!!!
The roads were very very icy....and some people drive not so well and not paying attention to the others one of them invaded her roadway..............
She braked and her car started to turn fast on itself......then crashed stemming big rocks placed at the roadside!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her car made 2-3 turns on itself then it stopped in the middle of the road!!!!!!!!
The airbags exploded and saved her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her car is destroyed but OUR MOMMY IS ALIVE AND THAT'S THE ONLY THING IMPORTANT FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight she'll go to work again with dad's car.......she's very very scared and agitated and shocked......but she must drive again immediately......if no she'll have fear to drive furever!!!!!!!!!
SO PEASE DEAR FRIENDS..................
SHE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADDIE, LUCIE & HAILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are always sooooooooooooo sweet and gentle with us!!!!!!!!!!

Ehyyyyyyyyyyyyy mommy......
the postman is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's for us!!!!!!!
A big big big package......I need to open it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooopppppppssssss.....Maya haven't waited us bringing one of the great toys placed into the package.......
"EHy sweety................gimme the toy!!!!!!!!!!"
"Nooooooooooooooooo.......if you want it dear must catch me!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Come'n boy!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Mommy.......don't you think I'm a good boy????
Look at me waiting patiently for my presents!!!!!"
"YES PACO!!!!!!!!!!You're my good good good boy!!!!"

gnam gnam gnam....
Maya is sniffing her biscuit with her starving sweet face!!!!!!!!


That's life!!!!!!!!!!!
Eat yummy yummy treats sharing them with my bros and sis.....(ehhhhmmmmm....this part it isn't soooo goodddd!!!wawawwawawaaaaaa!!!!!!)

Thank you biscuit is sooooooooooooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!

Gnam gnam gnam..............

I LOVE BALLS.....and Addie,Lucie & HAiley know my secret!!!!!!!
Soooooooooooo....they sent me 2 big balls!!!!!!!!!

Mommy....who is he????
He's soooooooooooooo fluffy...and nice...and....OMDDDDDD!!!!!!!!
he make some funny sounds.....
WE LOVE HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our new Alligator friend!!!!!!!!!! you think Paco would like to share his ball with me????

Ehi Milo...our sis wants my ball!!!!!!!

Don't worry bros.....
I'm taking care of your toys!!!!!!!!!!

not very well right????

ehy girl......the alligator is mine!!!!!!!!!!!

and this new one???
It's a big squeak heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The red heart is for girl.....sooooooooooooooo....
It's mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm sweety............
If I give you my alligator......could I chew your heart a little?????

Thank you sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my ball again and now I'M HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

It was very very have stolen the ball and now I play in our house!!!!!!!!!!

Milo & Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paco wants his ball again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Benny and Lily ha detto...

Oh My we are so happy to hear mommy is okay. We will keep our paws crossed she feels better
Benny & Lily

Elizabeth ha detto...

Oh no, we are happy that you are safe and not badley hurt!! We will be thinking of you on the road again!

Elizabeth & Luna

Gus, Louie and Callie ha detto...

We are so happy to hear that mom is ok.. Tell her that we have our paws crossed that she makes it to work ok tonight and every other night..
What a lovely bunch of presents you got..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

The Thundering Herd ha detto...

We are so glad that your mom is ok. Accidents are very scary.

Our word of the day is crymad - a great combination word for an accident day.

Asta ha detto...

Paco Milo and Maya

Oh My dog...I am sooooo happy youw Momm is all wight!!!!!!!
I will be thinking of hew and helping hew dwive tonight and evewy night!!!!
how tewwibully scaiwy that must have been fow hew. I'mglad you got those lovely pwesents to help take youw mind off the scawe.

We love you and youw Mommi and awe so vewy gwateful that she didn't get huwt.
smoochie kisses
ASTA and Mommi

Homer ha detto...

Tell your mummy to give my mummy a call! Even though you mummy is safe, my mummy is still worried and wants to make sure your mummy is OK.

Lots of love to your Dad too!


Homer ha detto...

Tell your mummy to give my mummy a call! Even though your mummy is safe, my mummy is still worried and wants to make sure your mummy is OK.

Lots of love to your Dad too!


Rain ha detto...

Che cosa terribile!!!Per fortuna tu stai bene!
Brava sei molto coraggiosa a riprendere subito l'auto....non potresti per un po' avere il turno di giorno? Le previsioni parlano di tempo bruttino ancora per un po!

Un abbraccio forte forte e una leccatina da Rain e Enrica

Maggie and Mitch ha detto...

How scary for your mom! Thank doG she's okay and didn't get hurt! We will be thinking positive thoughts for her nerves!
What nice gifts from Addie, Lucie and Hailey! They're so thoughtful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Tucker, Daisy and Leo ha detto...

We will keep Simona in our thoughts and prayers today. We are so glad to hear she was not hurt. Poor Mommy.

What great gifts you got from Addie, Lucie and Hailey. You guys are lucky to get such great stuff.

Tucker and Daisy

Samantha ha detto...

OMD dear Simona!!! How horrible - I admire you so much to drive to work again tonight - are you really, really okay??? That sounded very scary and we will definitely be thinking of you tonight (probably around right now in our time zone). Our internet has been on and off all week and it looks like we've missed a post - so sorry - we've had storms that have interfered. But we are worried about you. Addie and Lucie and Hailey's gifts are so sweet - your babies look so happy playing with them - stay in touch and kisses to the pups and Marco!
Hugs (Big Ones!) xo
Sammie, Miche and Bill

Farley's Mom ha detto...

Simona, we are so sad to hear of your accident, and are relieved you are okay. We will be thinking of you and wishing you safe travels. I'm sure it is very scary to get in a car again, especially when it's still snowy there. Take care friends!

Ms. ~K ha detto...

Oh glad your Mommy wasn't hurt...very scary!
Our paws are crossed for your Mommy...give her big kisses from us!!!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

Bailey ha detto...

So glad your Mom is OK!

Looks like you are having a lot of fun in the snow with your toys!

Twinkietinydog ha detto...

It's all my fault. :( I commented yesterday what a fun sweet cute mommy you have and then this! Oh my dog! I'm sooo glad she's okay. Nice photos but all I can think of is that mommy-Simona had an awful scare and that now she's got to get back on her horse. Well, do tell your momma that the near-accidents are the best. What are the odds something similar will happen again in this lifetime? Still, I'm driving in Italy tonight ;)

Honey the Great Dane ha detto...

Oh my goodness, Paco & Milo & Maya - I was so shocked to read about the terrible thing that happened to your Mommy from the other car! My humans HATE careless drivers like that. It is bad enough if they want to do stupid things and endanger their own lives but to risk other people too??!! Thank God your Mommy was OK - poor thing, she was must so traumatised and shocked - I think she is SOOOOOOO brave to get straight back into the car again tonight but I think that is a good idea, otherwise the fear will grow into a big thing. My human fell of a horse badly when she was a teenager and the instructor made her get back up straight away again, even though she was terrified. But it is very hard to do...we admire your Mommy!

We will be thinking of her -

Honey the Great Dane

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom ha detto...


We are so HAPPY to see your mommy is still with us -

She was furry furry lukhky -

It wasn't her time yet so woo must get her bakhk in the khar and drive drive drive!

If we were khloser, I'd have Mom bring The Xterra fur her!

Furry nice pressies from those special GIRRRLS in Texas!

Tank woo fur sharing!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

caboval ha detto...

We are so happy that you are ok!!! I know you are scared!!! It must be so scary to drive on icy roads!!!! We are thinking of you everyday! We love youuuuuuu!!!
And Wow! Maya is growing into such a beautiful girl! She is gorgeous!!!!Her face is beautiful and when she gets her feathers in she will be such a beauty!! We would love to meet her someday!
Ok sis! We love you!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Ben ha detto...

We are very dogful that your mommy is a-ok. She give great pets and is kind soul - please keep her safe.


Oh no mom
That is terribly frightening. We are soooo happy you are okay. It gets very icy here and the other drivers are more of a problem. Wow.

More pressies.. you guys are lucky. I really like that alligator.. if you really don't need it.. I don't mind helping out. I'm just saying.

The Army of Four ha detto...

We're so glad your mom is OK!!!
Gorgeous photos! We wish we could come play in the snow with you! Ours is totally gone! :(

Lorenza ha detto...

That sure was scary!
Glad to know your Mom is ok!
I will have my paws crossed for her!
You got very nice presents from the girls!
I can see you are enjoying them!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Martine ha detto...

HOW scary, we are glad your mom isn't hurt. We will definitely keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

cool package!!!

xo martine & the kiddlets

Amber and Nala ha detto...

OMD....we are SO happy your Mommy is ok! How scary for her and how brave for her to get right back out there. We will be thinking of her and sending her lots of love and good thoughts.

Nala & Amber

Sally ha detto...

OH NO!!! POOR MOMMY! We are so glad she is safe after that scary accident! We are a bit late - but I hope Mommy drove and wasn't too scared - it is important to get driving as quickly as possible - that other driver was a **&&^^££!!!

Those are lovely presents - how very thoughtful of them - helps take your mind off bad things and focus on all the good and remember what is important - family!

Sally and Paddy

Ludo van Doggy ha detto...

oh! How scary for you and your poor Mommy. She must be very frightened indeed! I hope she will be ok tonight and not too scared, I wills be driving with her for sure!

You got some wonderful presents there, I thinks I would quite like one of those squeaky alligators! ehehe!
~lickies, Ludo

io e clo ha detto...

Ma che belli che siete!!!

Miley ha detto...

God Bless your mommy!!!! We are sooo glad she is alive and well!!! You are in our thoughts!!!!
Congrats on your pressies, looks like you had a blast playing with them!!! Love the pics!!!

lotsa licks,

The OP Pack ha detto...

Poor Mommy - that must have been terrifying. Icy roads are very bad. We are so happy she is OK. But too bad about the car. We hope last night was better for her.

More great pressies for all of you - that was very nice of Addie, Lucie, and Hailey.

Enjoy your pressies and give mom some extra kisses from us.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Dory and the Mama ha detto...

We are SOOOOOOOO Happy your Mama is ok. We will keep her in our prayers for safe trips to and from work and that she is not afraid.

Pawsome pressies!!

Ginger Jasper ha detto...

Oh my goodness I hadn't seen the news. Your poor mum must have been so scared.... I will be thinking of her for sure.. Please take care and drive safely.. You are so right to say the car is not important.. Cars can be replaced.. Mum is the most important thing.. Now what fabulous packages.. You are so lucky and have been spoiled.. That is good. It is nice to be spoiled.. Take good care of mum.. Hugs GJ x

SGR ha detto...

Woof! Woof! Glad your mom is well. It can be scary driving on icy roads. Be safe. Glad you guys enjoyed your presents on the snow. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV ha detto...

Dio mio! Simona! Sono così felice che non si è ferito gravemente. Sarete nelle nostre preghiere. Le strade sono pericolose in inverno. Hai tre infermiere belle per aiutarti a guarire. Sono molto particolari e hanno un sacco di formazione. Sono infermiere Milo, infermiere Paco, e infermiere Maya!

Quello che vi serve è un altro vacanza in un luogo caldo come San Diego! Abbi cura di te dolce amica. :-)

Sue ha detto...

Dear Simona, how was the drive to work? I thought about you all day. Did you get my message about AJ's accident? You are the first person I thought of. I hope everything is ok, and that you are feeling better about driving. It will take some time, but the most important thing is that you are OK. Everything else can be replaced - but not you!

Lots of love,
Sue & the gang

Thor ha detto...

We're so happy to hear your mommy is ok! We´re thinking of her!

What cool presents you got from Addie, Lucie and Hailey!

Looks like you´re having so much fun in the snow!


Byron y Xinver ha detto...

Dear friends, we're happy to know your mom iw OK. Surely you'll love her even more, like as she is born again.

TwoSpecialWires ha detto...

Oh my! First our hearts stopped beating and we all stopped breathing. And then they started beating really fast and we couldn't catch our breath!!!!! What a scary story and even scarier experience!!!! We are sooooo glad and thankful that your moma is okay.

It's two days later now. (Sorry we are so late) We hope that getting back behind the wheel went okay and that your moma is less terrified. We bet it will take a long time to really relax again. Maybe that's good.

We're really happy you had such nice pressies (and such nice snow) to distract you and us. Life really is good. We know you all appreciate that more than anyone right now!

Jake and Fergi

Pee esS Thanks sooooo much for leaving our NinaGirl a comment on her blog post. She was sooooo happy about it!

MONA AND MOMMY TOO!! ha detto...

Oh No Simona!! That was scarey. Mommy & I hope you are ok and you did OK driving. Mommy was in a really bad accident when she was young (19) and didn't drive again until she was 24. She should have gotten right behind the wheel but she was too scared. I'm glad your Mommy is braver than mine.

What great gifts you got from the girls...they sent me some cookies too and some balls and stuff. They are nice girls.

Yes, I did see the videos and loved your post about the pressie I sent.

{{{huggies}}}...Mona & Mommy, Sarah too!!

Nika + PARKER ha detto...

We are so happy to hear your Mom is ok. Winter driving can be soooo dangerous, this is true! We must all be especially cautious on the roads. Be safe!!!

Martha and Bailey ha detto...

Oh my goodness, we are so late reading your post and now we see what happened to your poor mommy. What a fright she must have got. We know how easily these things happen in the ice - thank goodness she is OK.
Sometimes you are driving very carefully but, as you say, other drivers don't do the same and then they put you at risk too.
Oh please be careful out there.
Great parcel you guys got with super toys to play with - we know you will share nicely.
Your pics look happy and beautiful as always.
love and kisses
Martha & bailey xxx

Anya ha detto...

I am so happy to read your Mommy is okay !!!!!!!!!!!!
Its here also many snow and very dangerous on the road my Mommy is HAPPY when the spring starts.

Wonderful presents for very sweet dogs, enjoy and have fun ....

Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

Sam ha detto...

What wonderful photos! Please keep safe on the roads! We are worried about you!


Raising Addie ha detto...

OMD we are soooo very happy that your mom is ok!! She must have been so very scared. We are very glad that you guys snuggled with her to make her feel better!

We are sorry we have been away. Lucie has been keeping us very busy and worried.

We are very happy that you received your gift! It looks like you had lots of fun playing with everything. And those treats were soooo very yummy!!

Please tell your mom to take good care of herself.

Please visit us on Facebook! We know you will have lots of fun and it is in Italian too!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie ha detto...

Simona, I am so glad that you are okay. Your zest for life is always so evident in the pooches posts. Love you lots!
Cassie (BRD & Hootie's mommy)

Augie and Ti's mom ha detto...

Oh wow, glad you are ok! That must have been scary for you!