sabato 6 dicembre 2008

............Sleeping with............

In these days we have taken advantage of the bed of mother and dad to make so many little darlings to mammy and to sleep near her...
The weather is so much cold and so we want heat her with our warm!!!!
We love her so much!!!!

Paco & Mummy!!!

Milo and Simo....(Mum).......

Togheter in the bed!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Sweet Paco.......I love Paco more than my life!!!!!! And Milo too!!!!!

They are my babyes and I couldn't live without them!!!!!!

Thanks dear friend ADDIE
to have shared with us a new greatest award!!!!!!
Your friendship and you are for us one of the greatest gifts of this year!!!!
thank you so much for being so special!!!

We want share those awards with all our dear friends!!!!!!
King King
Cody,Joey,Lady & Zena
Chow Chow
Cocoa & Barley
Kealani & Joey
Jack,Jill & Kona
We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Awwwww, you two are sooo cute and kind keeping your mammy warm and snug! We like to go under the duvet.....are you allowed? It's really warm, Mum says we are better than hot water bottles......we should think so too!!
Happy snoozing!
Slobbers xx

Raising Addie ha detto...

awww snuggling in bed is the BEST!!!


caboval ha detto...

Oh I love it! Nothing better than cuddles and kisses from your fur babies! And they keep you warm at night! I LOVE those pictures!
Hugs, Joey and Kealani

Amber ha detto...

Paco e Milo,

Buongiorno, come stai? Io sono eccezionale! Did I say that right?? Looks like you two are quite cozy sleeping with your Mom! I LOVE snuggles with my Mom too! Thanks for the award! I am sooo honored!
My Mom and Dad are hoping to come to Italy in luglio. ;) They will be in the northern part...maybe they will see you! :) If so, I would send treats for you from here too my friends! :)
Enjoy sleepin' in the bed and stay warm!


Amber-Mae ha detto...

AWWWWW!!!!! Those pictures are just soooo sweet to look at.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Joey ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo! Those pictures of you snuggling in bed are so cute! Thank you so much for the beautiful awards. They mean a lot to me, just like you.


Thor ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo!
Sorry, I am so behind to read your blog.
You look so cute snuggling in bed with your mom! =)
I loved watch you playing in the snow! It looked like a tons of fun!
Too bad we don´t have snow here!
Congrats on your wonderful awards and thank you so much for passing it to me.
You are so special!
Love and licks

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Hey you's us Beags again, we just wanted to say well done on the awards and thanks so much for sending them our way too!
Warm snuggles and festive slobbers xx

Chow Chow ha detto...

Thanks for the awards!

And it's such a sweet thing to snuggle up in bed with your mum. She loves you so much! My parents will never allow me to do that!

BrandytheGreat ha detto...

Ahh thanks again for the award, you two are reaaally too kind! You're very lucky too to be able to go snuggle in that bed!

Momoko ha detto...

Hi Paco & Milo.I wish your mom sleep all night well.

Homer ha detto...

Paco and Milo! You look so cosy! Most of the space are taken up by you, where's your human dad going to sleep?


Cocoa the Beagle ha detto...

Ohhh what a luxury to be sleeping together on the big bed!! We get to sleep on mum's bed too, but only on days after we get our baths! BOOHOO!!

Cocoa and Barley

Dino and Family ha detto... nice to cuddle with the two of you! Can I join in too? Thanks for sharing your awards with us! Love, Dino