venerdì 19 dicembre 2008 award and Christmas card!!!.....

We have received a very beautiful Christmas card from our very special friend HOMER!!!
Thanks a lot dear friend!!!
We love you so much and we're honored to be your friends!!!!!
We would like to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas filled with lots of love and happiness and a Happy Healthy 2009!

WOWWWWWW!!! Here is our first Christmas card from Homer!!!

Is for MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Is for meeeeeeeee!!!

YEAHHHHHH!!!! I have won and Christmas card is mine!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Santa has stolen us to postcard!!!Also like so much to him!!!!but now go to take back it to us!!!!
HOMERRRRRRR........we come to take back you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new award from Chow Chow!!!!!


Thanks a lot dear friend!!!We're very lucky to have you as a special friend!!!We love you so much!!!!

And we want share this award with


dear friends that follow us in this marvelous adventure of the blog and that every day given us so much love and friendship with your sweet comments!!!!!!!






And least......but not least......

here's the marvelous e-card from our lovely friend Dino!!!!

Dino has been the one which must tell thank you for having made us know this marvelous reality of the blog and that has given us the opportunity to know so many of you!!!A thanks special to this stupendous friend to which want an infinity of love!!!

In our heart will be special forever!!!!

we love you!!!!

13 commenti:

Raising Addie ha detto...

Beautiful card!

We sure hope you receive a package from us soon. You should be getting it any day now.

Congrats on your award!

We LOVE your blog and always look forward to seeing your beautiful smiling faces!


Homer ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo,

I'm glad you've got my card. My humans said I've got a frosty look on my face in front of the card.


Mason Dixie ha detto...

I do love to follow your blog. Thank you for adding me to your friends list. Hopefully next year I will be apart of the card exchange. Happy Holidays.

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Awesome!! Another deserved award, very cute it is too!! You guys have so many cool and handsome friends ;o) Lovely cards from Homer and Dino....hey Dino, thanks for telling Paco & Milo about blogging, they really brighten up our day! Are you guys all excited about Christmas?? We are, can't believe it's only FIVE MORE SLEEPS!
(well, a thousand more doggy naps!)
Hope Santa Paws is good to you!
Slobbers xx

Chow Chow ha detto...

Lovely cards from Homer and Dino!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Milo & Paco!

I miss you too! I am sorry I cannot visit as often right now because I am at the Airport Pet Hotel and my humans are travelling...

I love your photos of everybody cuddling - that is so sweet!

And the Christmas cards are beautiful! I have some too - I must tell my humans to make one for me, because all my doggie friends are making such beautiful cards.

Honey the Great Dane

Amber ha detto...

Both of your cards are very cute! It's great to have good friends! Congrats on the award!


P.S. Mom looked up where Asti is on the map and says it may be close to where she and Dad are going in the summer. :)

Thor ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo!
Those Christmas cards from Homer and Dino are wonderful!
Congrats on your award!

Love and licks

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo! What nice cards! That's such a nice thing you said about true friends leaving pawprints on our hearts. There's so much love on Dogs With Blogs - it's very special, isn't it?

Your friend,

Amber-Mae ha detto...

You both are sooo handsome. Congrats on your 1st Christmas card!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Hey boyos! It's us pesky Beagles again!! We've been given an award by a far away friend and want to give it to all our far away friends too, you're two of them, come by and pick it up if you want!
Slobbers xx

Momoko ha detto...

Hi friends!I say to you "A Merry Christmas."


Dino and Family ha detto...

Next year, we will definitely send you a card via snail mail! It's been great knowing you all and reading about your adventures, keep them coming! Love from Taipei, Dino