venerdì 9 aprile 2010

NEWS FROM US...................


IT'S ME....PACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seemed to be healing well......and I felt a little better.....just like the old crazy Paco....
But 4 days ago mommy noticed I was very very irritable again.....I would like stay alone and not eating a lot........
So she checked my wound again very well and she found lots of pus under the scab again....
So she brought me to the vet and he told to mommy My infection was started again!!!!!
So they had to shave me.....they crushed my scab a lot to let pus leaks......and they medicated me......
Then......are you thinking the torture was ended????
I got a big antibiotic injection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was sooooooooooooooooooo scared and I felt lots of pain........
Luckily I had my mommy close to me and she gave me tons of cuddles and kisses and hugs all the time!!!!!!!!!!!
Then She brought me at home to my bros and my sweet girl.......
And I slept a lot.........while my family was cuddling me a lot!!!!!!!!

Mommy is reading me all your blog because I want and love know what you're doing.....
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.......forgive us if we haven't time to leave comments on your blog.....remember we think of you all everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy promised me to write to all of you again very very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I hope to heal family is sooooooooooooooo worried for me......
They have to check my wound every day hoping it doesn't expand on my face........
Think to me ok??????

Here is my wounds....... beautiful profile now is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome.....even if mommy tell me I'm gorgeous as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet mommy.......................

I have my bros always by my side.......
And finally spring has sprung even if our weather is continuing to be very very cold!!!!!!

What Maya is looking at????

She's admiring the wonderful and special Spring colors!!!!

our little Cherry tree......

.....and our beautiful flowers we have in the garden......

I'm soooooooooooooooooo lucky.......My sweet girl loves stay close to me......

She's taking good care of me......

And my big dad.......Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......what are you doing dad????!!!

He's collecting our poop!!!!!!!

While my bros is playing with one of his preferred toys!!!!!!!!!!
THE SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehy.........................Mommy got special gifts for her birthday from 2 of her special friends......

From her sweet sis Val (Joey and Kealani's mommy) she got this GREAT stick she attached on her car under our photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this SUPER sweatshirt with lots of paws and one beautiful Golden like us drawing on it!!!!!!
I LOVE IT........So mommy wanted to take a photo with me wearing it!!!!!!!!!!!
She's doing all she can to bring a smile on my face everyday!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think I'm sexy???????????????

And She got this wonderful book to learn how to take beautiful photos with her new Camera from Vanessa (Homer's mommy)!!!!!!!
Here is Milo and mommhy with the book!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....ehy seems to be very very very interesting!!!!!!!!

I'm very very thankful to have such a great family......

And to have such a special mommy......
wawawwaaaaaaaaa....look at me trying to steal her the sweatshirt!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes I'm feeling well and the wound doesn't give me problems......So....I'm happy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POOR MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maya and Milo want her sweatshirt too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want heal soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I'll win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precious moment with Maya and dad........
Kiss kiss kiss kiss..........................................

And........................While Milo is kissing me...........................

I want to thank all of you for your special comments and thoughts for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALL OF YOU IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom ha detto...

Please get better!

We know how sad it makes all of furamily both there with woo and 'here' around the world!

Thanks fur sharing those great pikhs and pressies!

Paws khrossed with LOTS of Sibe and GR Vibes!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie By Proxy

Mack and Mia ha detto...

Oh NO Paco! Hang in there dear friend. Woo are still handsomest as ever! We have all our paws and fingers crossed in our home and are sending woo good healing vibes. I hope your ouchie is gone really really soon!

Wags and Woofs,
Mack and Mia

Aniemother ha detto...

Oh buddy, I'm sorry your ouchie got worse again. Hopefully it'll heal up perfectly this time!


Piappies World ha detto...

Hi there Paco,

Please cheer up. We have all our paws crossed for your to get better really soon. We send you lots and lots of hugs. Please be ok already. We love you lots, dear friend.

-Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wia-Max & the Piappies

Anya ha detto...

We think EVERYDAY on you sweet Paco
and we are happy to hear something today.
We are so happy that its going better with you :)))))
We purr & pray always.....
Hugs Love
Kareltje =^.^=
Mommy Anya :)

Elizabeth ha detto...

Paco, we hope you heal up fast!!!! Wonderful pictures, especially the one of your dad!!

Elizabeth & Luna

The Rocky Creek Scotties ha detto...

We're so sorry to hear that your wound has not healed - hopefully the shot will help.

Sending tons of terrier thoughts your way.

Lilly, Piper, Carrliegh Ruairi

The Army of Four ha detto...

Ha roo, sweet Paco!! I'm so sorry your infection got bad again!!! But sooooo glad your mom saw that and took you to the vet! We will keep praying for you, handsome friend, and before you know it, you'll be ALL better! Really! And you know what? Infection or no infection, you are 100% HANDSOME Paco to me!!! And to Stormy!
We loved seeing the pictures of your special family! We love you guys!! Be good and do all the stuff the vet told you to, OK?!?!
Love, Ammy

Homer ha detto...

Hello Paco!

Sorry to learn that you are not feeling well again. I hope you will recover faster and please try not to scratch that area. Can you wear a sock so that you will not aggravate that area?

We are now in Genoa, your mummy's birth place. We think it is booti-ful!


PS: Send lots of hugs to Marco for us.

Dory and the Mama ha detto...

We are so glad you are feeling a little better Paco...Keep letting your Mama give you your medication and take good care of yourself so you can get better soon!!!


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June ha detto...

We think of you efury day Paco. We missed you a big bunch! But don't worry about visiting our blog, we just want you to get better soon.

Sam & June

Ginger Jasper ha detto...

Oh my sweet woofie friend... I am so sorry you are still not feeling well... Please get better soon as we dont like to see you sad.. Your mummy is right though you are still gorgeous. Love all your mums presents and glad she had a good birthday.. You have a gorgeus family and the love will see you through this.. I am purring realy loudly that you will soon be back to tip top health... Love GJ xx

Tucker, Daisy and Leo ha detto...

Poor Paco

We have been thinking of you and hoping you were better. We hope that soon you will be all better and happy again. Love your spring pictures.

Tucker and Daisy

Maggie and Mitch ha detto...

We're cranking up the AireZen, Paco! We want you all better soon!
Your spring trees and flowers are so beautiful!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

1000 Goldens ha detto...

We've been so worried about you Paco! We pray that your wound heals for good this time and stops hurting so you can be back to having fun. Big hugs to all of you...

KB ha detto...

We hope that you get better VERY soon. Your family will take care of you - I know that! And, you still look very handsome to me!

The OP Pack ha detto...

Paco, Mom says she told your mom in email how badly we feel that your infection is so bad. We are sending your lots of sibe zen and our paws are all crossed that you will heal soon and well. Do take care and don't scratch at your ouchie.

We do think you are still as handsome as ever even with your ouchie. Take care.

Love and Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Samantha ha detto...

Paco, dear Paco... we've been wondering where you and your siblings are! I was just about to email your mom again about YOU! I know you will get better - this must be a bad, bad BUG!!! But you have such wonderful pawrents who know all about medicine, so you will get totally better soon. LOVE Val's pressies and the book on your camera! What great and pawsome gifts! We are thinking of you lots and Paco: sending you a zillion golden vibes from me, Sammie!
Big Hugs and Love xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tanuki Maxx ha detto...

Hi Paco and family!
Happy Spring to you!
Do get well very soon!! We are sending you pawsitive vibes and well wishes from sunny Singapore!!!
We miss you!!!


Oskar ha detto...

I'm so sorry that your stoopid infection has come back. We will be saying good prayers for you to heal quickly and have no more pain!

Hugs & love,


Amber and Nala ha detto...

Oh Paco...I wish that horrible, terribel infection would go away forever! :( If I was there I would give you lots of kisses to make you feel better. I'm so glad your family is taking such good care of you and your sweet Maya looks just like you. She takes after her Daddy! Also, from me & Mom....Happy Birthday Simona!! We hope it was GREAT! I bet that camera book will be fun to read. :)

Lots of love and healing wishes!


Benny and Lily ha detto...

Oh poor Paco...we will keep our paws crossed you will feel better and your boo-boo will get all better. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful spring pictures with us.
Luv your friends
Benny & Lily

Lorenza ha detto...

I am sorry to know your wound was not doing well but I am sure it will from now on!
Paws crossed for you!
Pawesome presents!
Enjoy them and have fun!
Kisses and hugs

Sam ha detto...

It is so good to hear from you, Paco! We have been so worried about you, and your Momma because we know she is very worried too! We understand that you were too busy to blog - no worries! Sam missed Maya very much. He was so excited when I told him there was a new picture of her on your blog!


(We love your new header!)

Martine ha detto...

Oh poor sweet boy, we are glad you were able to post today though, we were just wondering how you were and were going to stop by and then saw you posted.

Please get better and rest up.

xo martine & the kiddlets

Asta ha detto...

Sweet Dawling Paco
I'm so sowwy youw boo boo got wowsew . I was hoping that while I was gone you would heal completely..I am going to incwease my healing smoochie kiss sending twemendously to make suwe youw sweet face gets all bettew!!!!!

Youw Mom's gifts she got wewe lovely..I hope she had a wondewful Biwfday and isn't wowwying about you too much..I just know you will be fine!!!
I love you!!!! and missed you and am sending all my stubbown tewwiew healing vibes
love and many many baci

The Musketeers ha detto...

Brother Paco ! Do get well soon alright ! We are so worried fur you. And our Roy Boy. You two must get well SOON alright !!! Hope the postman did not steal the post we mail for you ! BOL, just kidding ! Nownow, Maya, you're such a good girl taking care of your daddy/big brother. And of course, Milo too !!

Snowie Baby ha detto...

hello! we came from the musketeers and i really hope the wound gets better! will get my paws crossed for woo and also keep woo in my thoughts!

The Thundering Herd ha detto...

Keep getting better Paco!

SGR ha detto...

Woof! Woof! Good to hear from you again. Glad that you doing well Paco. You sure look very gorgeous. LOVE all your photos. LOVE your new blog header. MOM is doing great taking wonderful photos. I will continue to send my Golden Healing Thoughts for your early recovery Paco. Lots of Golden MUAHhhhhhh!!!!!! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Angel n Miko ha detto...

Get well soon, Paco!

We have our paws crossed for you :D

I(Angel) had pus inside my uterus ! Went thru quite a risky surgery to remove it and I'm back to myself!

You can do it too!

Tail wags,
Angel & Miko

Raising Addie ha detto...

Oh Paco we are so very sorry to hear that you are still sick. We were hoping that you were better by now.

LOVE love love your new header picture! OMD Maya is growing up soooo fast!

You are very generous friends!

Happy Belated Birthday to your mom!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

TwoSpecialWires ha detto...

Oh, sweet Paco. We've been gone too long and we didn't realize until just now that your wound is having trouble healing. We hope that this last big shot and all the special care it is getting will do the job. We HATE to think of you hurting and of your moma worrying. You are such a special boy.

Hey! We hear you are about to get a very special visitor??!!?? We are so happy and excited! That news just made our day!

Sending all our love and get well wishes ... to everyone.
Jake and Fergi and Family xxxxoooo

Chow Chow ha detto...

I love the pawsitive attitude, Paco! With such a passion for life and the great love from your wondeful family, I'm sure you will recover in no time! I'm gonna pray and keep my paws crossed for you every day!

Lots of love from Chow Chow and family!

Nika + PARKER ha detto...

Ciao Paco + famiglia !!!
WE hope you feel better soon - we have you in our thoughts all the time!!!


Augie and Ti's mom ha detto...

Oh dear, poor Paco! We were SO hoping for good news. Please get better soon, sweet boy!

Honey the Great Dane ha detto...

Oh Paco - I'm sorry I couldn't visit you until now!! I was so horrified to hear about your new infection - and my God! Those pictures! I couldn't bear to look!! But I am so relieved to hear that you are getting better again. I hope this time the vet has squeezed out ALL the pus and that the antibiotic injection has worked and you won't get any more infections! My God - who would have thought that a little bite would cause all this drama?!

But it was lovely to see all the wonderful family photos as usual - and such great pressies for your Mommy! I'm sure she will enjoy them lots!

We are thinking of you - even if we're sometimes too busy to visit - but we think of you all the time! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

MAX ha detto...

Dear Simona, Marco, Paco, Milo and Maya...

We are so sorry to hear that you have been having such a hard time with the healing of Paco's wound. We think of you all so often and Paco's condition is uppermost in our minds. We are praying that he'll be better soon!

Can I also wish you a "HIPPO BIRDIE TWO EWES"? Wishing you many more years of happy birthdays. Looks like you got spoiled rotten! :)

Take care and lotsaluv and lotsalicks
MAXMOM, MAXDOG and co in South Africa

Thor ha detto...

Get well soon, Paco! We're thinking and praying of you. I'm sending tons of golden vibes your way.

Dennis the Vizsla ha detto...

Poor baby! We will be wagging our tails for you even harder!

Asta ha detto...

I came to check on you. I'm still cwossing my paws and pwaying that you wecovew completely
smoochie kisses to all of you

Dog By Nature ha detto...

Get well son Paco!!

CJ/Rick ha detto...

Poooor Paco. Lucy, Sable, and I hope you are better soon. With all the love and a good Vet you should be better soon. We will be thinking of you Paco.
Your mommy does not need a book. Her pictures are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

Pipa ha detto...

Oh, PAco, we have our paws so crossed for you!
Please get better, gorgeous PAco!

MONA AND MOMMY TOO!! ha detto...

Dearest Paco,

Mommy just wants to cry. She is so worried for you. We think of you everyday and pray you'll get 100% soon. We just love seeing all of you guys pictures and Mommy just loves the last one of you.


Ludo van Doggy ha detto...

oh Paco, we is worried about you too. I know those nasty infection things can be very serious but I KNOW you will get better cos you has so much loves around you.
What great pressies your Mommy got!!
~lickies, Ludo

ebby ha detto...

I think of you often, please heal soon. Ebby from alemaia

caboval ha detto...

Simona please contact us soon! We are worried! Glad to see you got your sweatshirt and sticker! We love you so much!!! Love Valerie Joey and Kealani

Byron y Xinver ha detto...

Dear Paco, we're very sorry. We've been missed for some weeks, and we did not know. But don'r worry... you take your antibiotics and your wound will heal. Byron has had in fections in his paws three or four times because of things that stuck into his skin, and he has always recovered. We think of you...

SGR ha detto...

Woof! Woof! Hi There Sugar here. Have not heard from you. How's Paco - hope you're doing well. We are going on a long vacation starting tomorrow ... just making sure we say hello before we go. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar