mercoledì 1 aprile 2009

Paco & Joyce

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Dear friends......
That's incredible!!!!!
Something Very special is happened in my life........
JOYCE IS MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it!!!!!!
She made me the most lucky boy on the world!!!!
I LOVE YOU JOYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll take care of her for all my life....
Now......Joyce is my life......I'll protect her forever!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks My Love for this GREAT gift!!!!!

19 commenti:

Pipa ha detto...

OMD! Such a wonderful moment!
*bells ringing* *bells ringing*


Paco and Joyce, she made a good choice! Joyce and Paco, they make me go waco! (I actually wasn't able to find any word to rime with Paco...)



The FOUR Musketeers ha detto...

You're mine mine mine (:

Have a great day Pacoooooooo~

Lots of Loves & Smoochies,

Mason Dixie ha detto...

What a very lucky girl. I wish you two all the happiness in the world. =)

Anita ha detto...

You look lovely together! Congratulations!

Rufus and his gang

GoldenSamantha ha detto...

Whatamatch!!!! Joyce is so lucky and so is Paco! Majorly fabulous couple you are and I know, Paco, that you'll take sweeeeeet care of beautiful Joyce! Congratulations!
With Hugs and Love xo

Lorenza ha detto...

Hi, Paco!
Congratulations! Joyce is a beautiful girl!
Kisses and hugs

Aki and Poopie ha detto...

oh brother... oh dear dear dear brother. we love you. i guess, that is all that matters. we are here for you and we will TRY to be happy for you and accept your decision to chose Joyce. (I am also a very good friend of Cody so I kinda echo his sentiments as well, BOL!)

Good luck dear brother! Let us know if you need help.. erm.. prying her mouth away from your upholstery.. BOL!

drooly kisses,


Sara Alves ha detto...

you are one luky guy Paco! take good care of her ok?

errrhhmmm.... when will there be litlle pacos? mini pacos? tinny pacos??
Can I bee the uncle?? ahah
licks PU

Dughallmor Beagles ha detto...

Wooohooo, congratulations Paco, she's a hottie, but then you're such a hunk! (umm...does Cody know about this....OMD!) So when's the wedding??

Anyhowl, speaking of LOVE, Rosie needs your help boys, can you? Our Mum will email your Mum later....
Slobbers xx

Elizabeth Bergesen ha detto...

Puppy love is so wonderful! Congrats on your new relationship!

Ludo van puppy ha detto...

Is you going to get married?
~lickies, Ludo

Polli Peste ha detto...

Congratulations for finding your true love, Paco!! I could almost swear I see love buterflyes and flowers wondering around your head*

Piacere Paco e Milo!
You are so magnificent, both Paco and Milo, the gods of the retrievers - venus de MILO e bACO! We'd love love love to be your friends, we feel honered to be in your blog!
It would be our dream to come to Rome with Polli (mostly her dream!!!) but, unfortunatly she's going per lavoro so she's going alone =( ma solo per due mesi!

We don't know how many days she will take without our golden companionship...

Baci per tutti de Polli, Vicky e Indi*

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo! Wow, love is in the air everywhere! Woo hoo!

See ya!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ ha detto...

You two make such a beautiful couple!

Holly & Zac...XX

Amber and Nala ha detto... two look fabulous together! That was a very nice card Joyce made for you! :)

As for Mom says it's not too difficult but it just takes practice and becoming familiar with the program. :) It's quite fun and addicting too she says! Also, she says that would be pawesome if your humans ever visited us!


happy ha detto...

Congrats Paco! Aah...a match made in doggy's heaven! Joyce is just pawfect for you!

AppleDebbie ha detto...

Congratulations Paco and Joyce! You are such a cute couple! I hope you will invite me to your wedding! Woo Hoo!!!

Your Buddy,

Dino and Family ha detto...

Wow! That is certainly a match made in heaven! You two are going to be so happy together! Love, Dino

Staci ha detto...


Congratulations Paco!!

Joyce is soooo very pretty!

You both make a beautiful couple!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie