martedì 4 novembre 2008

New awards!!!

Tank you so much my dear friends...
for these awards!!!!
We love you and you are our super best friends!!!!!!

And we would like to share these awards with.......

Dino & Pipa too.....
Cry,Lamù e Shirley

Cry e Tommy

Thank you so much to be so especially for us!!!!
We love much!!!!

5 commenti:

The Three Musketeers ha detto...

Congrats on your awards ! We are more than happy to be your friends !


Lots of Love ,
Three Musketeers

Cocoa the Beagle ha detto...

Hey Paco and Milo!

We would love to be your friends! There's some problems loading your blog page at the moment so we can't really get to see all your pictures :-(

We'll woof by again soon!

Cocoa and Barley

Amber-Mae ha detto...

Hey Paco & Milo! So nice to meet cha both & thanks for commenting in my blog! You boys are such handsome handsome...Milo, you have an interesting white chest hair. Heh! Congrats on your awards guys!

Butt Wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

The Three Musketeers ha detto...

Thanks for the award paco & milo (:
We love you !
I am more than willing to share my kong with you two (:

Lots of Loves ,

Thor ha detto...

Hi Paco and Milo!
Congrats on your awards!
And thank you so much for passing it to me! :D

Love and licks